Tutorial: DA Toolset Fixing Fade Shapeshifting Head Morph Bug in Dragon Age Origins

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This is a tutorial on how to fix the odd things which happen when you use a custom head morph then play the fade quest. This is the area where the Sloth demon sends you as part of the “Broken Circle” quest.

I decided to make this its own post for people who already know all the basics of creating a custom head morph and don’t need to read it all again.

Instructions are for Win XP and may vary slightly for Vista or Win 7.

I know I can’t be the first one to figure this out, but I couldn’t find a tutorial for it anywhere.

Normally, when you create a head morph you get some weird effects in the fade quest with the Sloth demon when you shapeshift:

Click to enlarge the images you want to see a larger version.


It didn’t effect anything, but it was a little bit annoying, so I tried to find a way around it.

On a test with this character, the Mouse, Golem, Burning Man, and Spirit forms all looked normal.

Note: This will ONLY work with a brand new character.

What to do: Open up your .mrh file. I used this guy.


What’s actually happening: We’re going to fool the in game character creator into thinking our morph is one of the presets. It won’t make any real changes to our Dragon Age Origins program.

How to do it: First, you’ll need to save your .mrh as a different name. Save it to your Desktop or any place other than in your Dragon Age folders.

I made a folder specifically to keep my morph files so there’s no chance of accidentally overwriting something I shouldn’t.

Also keep a copy of your original .mrh with the original name as a back up.

– Use the Save As function to rename your .mrh file as one of the presets from the game. You’ll chose it by race and sex of the character. (Keep scrolling for a list.)


Choose whichever one of these applies to what you’ve created.

For a Human male use this: HM_CPS_P01
For a Human female use this: HF_CPS_P01
For an Elven male use this: EM_CPS_P01
For an Elven female use this: EF_CPS_P01
For a Dwarven male use this:DM_CPS_P01
For a Dwarven female use this: DF_CPS_P01

Mine was an Elf male so I renamed Marrke.mrh to EM_CPS_P01.mrh


– Export your renamed .mrh as a .mop

If you need help finding the .mop setting, check the link up at the top.


– It should automatically export into your Tools Export folder. If you need to find it, open the following folders in this order to track it down:

Documents and Settings
Your Name
My Documents
Dragon Age

– You should see a new .mop in there now. For me it was EM_CPS_P01.mop.

To go back to your default settings, you simply delete or move the .mop file. This does not alter your game, it just “fools” it.

– Open Dragon Age Origins or the Character Creator and select the sex and race of the character you just created. You should see them as the default. In my case, he could be a Dalish, City Elf, or a Mage.



Note: The transfer may not be 100% perfect. My elf had facial stubble which didn’t completely go through. This is probably due to the fact that elves don’t normally have that available except by the Toolset. If you have that problem there’s a work around at the end of the tutorial.


– Once you have your .mop in place you can play around with your character’s features during creation just like you normally would, if you’re inclined to tweak anything.

– Create a character as you normally would by setting voice, stats, portrait, etc.

– Play him or her just like you normally would.

When you arrive in the Fade, s/he should have a normal shapeshifting experience.


If your character doesn’t look 100% the way you made them:

You can still use your morph the way it’s supposed to look through the rest of the game and get them as close as possible in the Fade. This only works if you start at the beginning with the instructions in this tutorial.

1. Follow this tutorial to get your character as close as you can. This is how she / he will look in the Fade.

2. Create a .mor file and alter your .das file as normal. (See other Tutorial on creating a head morph if what I said makes no sense.)

3. When you get to the Fade, open your .das save file.

4. Temporarily delete the .mor line. Your character will look like s/he did when you created them in this tutorial. If it wasn’t perfect, it will at least be close. This way the shapeshifting forms won’t be distorted, either.

5. When you’re done with the Fade, open the save file .das again.

6. Put the .mor line back in.

7. Save and resume.

Yes, that’s kind of a hassle, but I was doing this in the first place so my characters wouldn’t look any weirder than they had to.

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