Dragon Age Origins Marrying Alistair / Anora Game Tips Updated 2-8-10

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If you’re trying to decide who to put on the throne, you might find this post helpful.

I decided this was long enough that I’d make it a post of it’s own.

Updated 11-21-10: Added information on persuading Anora and Alistair to marry before the Landsmeet (very bottom of the page.) Also found out there may be a bug involved for the Male Warden on the XBoX and PS3. According to the WIKI the whole quest may be bugged for a male Warden to become king, but I have no way of testing this. If I ever have the chance, I’ll see for myself.

I put the PC version to the test, myself, and I was able to become king and keep Alistair so long as his personality wasn’t hardened (see below for full details.)

All of this happens at the Landsmeet where you fight with Loghain one way or another. Depending on how you play, that can end up being a huge brawl as everyone in the room fights on two sides, then a one on one fight, or just the one on one fight. Either way, you have to fight him at least once.

This assumes you’ve completed your quests correctly, and already gained the support of the people at the Landsmeet. If it’s done just right, everyone but one person will side with the Warden.

Marrying to be the princess / prince consort is only possible if you play the Human Noble Origin and you’re [Name of Warden] Cousland unless you use a mod. I’ve never used this. I have no idea if it works with the 1.04 patch (or in general). One does exists, however here. In all cases you need Persuasion. Mine is always 5 so I don’t know exactly how high it can be for a minimum.

Playing a Woman

To marry Alistair:

He doesn’t have to be at Love status with the Warden. I tested this with him being 100+ Friendly and my Warden involved with Zevran. Alistair’s dialog is different as friends, but the process was the same.

If his personality isn’t hardened you won’t have problems with either marriage no matter what sex you play as long as you have Persuasion. Follow the same steps, but it’s actually easier.

It can be tricky to get the right dialog if his personality is hardened.

Here’s what to do to make sure it will happen for you:

– Deliver the death blow to Loghain yourself.

– Alistair will hesitate on you and say that nothing has been decided, yet.

– Select “I’ll rule beside him” at the Landsmeet. (Here is where you need persuasion.)

If you don’t want him to break the relationship but you aren’t getting married (or you’re a mage/dwarf/elf) here’s what to do:

His personality must first be hardened. Although I haven’t tried it with the human noble, I assume that this also works for her if she doesn’t marry him.

When he comes in with the dreaded “We need to talk” speech make sure you select the option: “A king can do whatever he wants.” He’s always agreed to any of the options pushing him to stay, even without persuading. Persuasion may be necessary if your Approval is lower. Mine has always been 100 when I’ve done this because they were involved.

He’ll keep her on the side if he marries Anora. If he doesn’t marry Anora, it’s left open ended if he marries the Warden, takes a different wife and the Warden remains his mistress, or never marries at all. (The game doesn’t come out and say.) You also never actually find out what happens to Anora. She’s last seen locked in the tower in that case, so we’ll have to draw our own conclusions.

If you need to know about hardening Alistair’s personality you can read about it on the WIKI.

Playing a Man:

The male Warden has an extra problem over the female. Certain dialog choices must be made when talking to Anora to set things in motion.

– Either do not harden Alistair’s personality or side with Loghain by making him a Warden. This is Alistair’s crisis point so he will leave the party if you side with Loghain (unless you marry Alistair and Anora, but that would defeat the whole purpose.) Strip Alistair of his equipment or put junk on him because he’ll be taking it with him when he goes. (Same for any of the characters if they leave your group.)

– Tell Anora you’ll support her at the Landsmeet.

– Use your Persuasion to tell her you’ll need more than just her generic offer and she must marry him for his voice in the Landsmeet.

– Under no circumstance mention killing Loghain.

– Don’t kill Loghain at the Landsmeet. Let Alistair do it or side with Loghain.

If Alistair’s personality is hardened you’ll run into a problem, even if you do everything perfectly.

When the Landsmeet comes Anora will turn on her father if you play the dialog choices correctly. If you’re in doubt, then try this:

– Get Anora out of Howe’s estate.

– She’ll give you the lead on the Alienage.

– Don’t talk to Anora right away.

– Speak to the nobles in the Gnawed Noble Tavern, and wrap up your various quests.

– Take care of the Alienage.

– Return to Eamon’s estate.

– Save your game.

– Talk to Anora.

– Talk to Eamon and tell him about the slavery.

– Go to the Landsmeet.

That way if you made a mistake in your dialog with Anora, you won’t have to go back through as much to get the ending you want. If you have her convinced, she turns on her father in the Landsmeet.

Now the problem with a harder Alistair comes into play.

If you take the death blow on Loghain, Anora will not marry your Warden because he “murdered her father.” If Alistair does it, he’ll automatically declare himself king.

You don’t get the critical dialog tree where the Warden chooses between Alistair or Anora. It’s in that dialog where you can tell Alistair or Anora you’ll rule beside him/her. The female Warden can simply kill Loghain herself, but the male hasn’t that option if he wants to be king.

If his personality isn’t hardened, Alistair will waffle no matter who kills Loghain. You’ll get the dialog choices you need for marriage (male or female Warden.)

Even if you choose another person to be the champion, the death blow still has to be done by either Alistair or the Warden. (Both sexes.)

The male warden can also opt to side with Loghain which will make Anora accept him. That, of course, will give you Loghain in your party, but you lose Alistair for good.

If you want to keep Alistair in the party and become king yourself, the only way I’ve found to make it work is by not hardening Alistair’s personality.

Here’s exactly what I did to test this:

I told Alistair that I was his friend and he didn’t need Goldanna (this gives you the non-hardened version of Alistair.)

– I did the Alienage.
– Saved my game.
– Talked to Anora.
– Told her to marry my Warden for his support.
– Talked to Eamon.
– Went to Camp.
-Discussed the upcoming kingship with Alistair.
– I chose “Good, I’ve decided to support her at the Landsmeet.” He was relieved. (If he’s hardened, he’ll get a bit angry with you and give you some negative approval.)
– I went to the Landsmeet.
– I had Alistair kill Loghain by selecting “Alistair, you should do this.”
– Eamon asked me to settle the dispute.
– I talked to Anora and Alistair then said I was ready to decide.
– I got the all important dialog needed to keep Alistair in the group and become king.

Any Warden – Marry Anora to Alistair

Follow the same basic steps except…

– Speak to Eamon about Alistair and Anora marrying. He’ll be thrilled.

– Go to Anora and to Alistair and use Persuasion to convince them. I have had Alistair concede (hardened) without the conversations but I’ve also had him outright refuse. To play it safe, speak to them before the Landsmeet.

– If Alistair’s personality is hardened, make sure you take the killing blow on Loghain yourself or recruit him.

– You will get the same dialog tree as above. One of the options will be to have Anora and Alistair rule jointly. You will need Persuasion for this. Again, I don’t know the minimum because when I tested it with my Wardens, they both had 5.

– This is the only way you can have Alistair remain in the game and also have Loghain. Alistair will not be in your party if you have Loghain, but he won’t completely leave. If you’re playing a female Warden who he loves, he will not forgive her enough to remain with her as his mistress. In that instance, their relationship is over.

– This will go much smoother if you start persuading Alistair and Anora before the Landsmeet. Talk to Eamon and tell him you think they should rule jointly. You then go to each of them and convince them it’s a good idea.

The things Alistair endures for this blog.

As a test, I went back and used a respec Mod to remove all my Coercion / Persuasion Skills to find out what criteria was needed to get Alistair convinced to marry Anora.

It came down to Approval rather than Coercion. It might be possible to Persuade him with a high Coercion rate if your Approval is low. I didn’t test that. However, I was able to convince him to marry Anora without any Coercion at all.

At 100+ (Love) he agreed, although he wasn’t happy with it considering he was in love with the Warden. No Coercion used.

After feeding him many rotten onions, he gave the player numerous nasty looks and I dropped him down to +47 Neutral Approval. He still agreed without any Coercion.

More onions and one sick Warden later, he was at +12 Neutral Approval. At this point he did not agree to marriage with Anora. I think he also was trying to convince Zevran to assassinate my computer.

If you’re having a hard time getting him to agree, try giving him gifts to get his Approval up, or go through all his conversations if you haven’t already.

– Confirmed that if Alistair’s personality is hardened he will keep the Warden on the side if he marries Anora.

I used persuasion to convince Anora and Alistair to marry, took the death blow on Loghain myself, and selected they should rule jointly.

The “we need to talk” conversation was mostly the same with just some deviations to include Anora. With the choice “A king can do whatever he wants to” I got the same reaction as the play through where my Warden was a non-human noble (unable to marry him.)

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