Zevran Tutorial – How to Befriend / Romance the NPCs of Dragon Age Origins without a Mod or Cheats (updated 10-15-10)

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There are posts for other characters as well.

Obviously this post contains spoilers about Zevran, so if you don’t want to know more about him, don’t read beyond this point.

Note: I had an opportunity to play on the PS3 recently. The approval rates vary slightly from the PC. This is for the PC version, but it should get you close on console, as well. The unique gifts (Dalish Gloves and Antivian boots for Zev) seemed to boost approval much more on the console than they do on the PC.

Zevran is one of the more neutral party members. He’ll fit in with most Wardens pretty easily no matter if you’re playing a really nice “boy/girl scout,” someone evil, or just a Warden with their own agendas.

If you’re a PC user I suggest this mod to trigger Zevran earlier so you can have him in your party sooner.

He’s bisexual so can be romanced by a man or woman Warden. He’s also one of the easiest ones to get into a romance with.

Being brought up in a whorehouse, Zev has a little bit of trouble with the concept of true love. He’s more into finding his pleasures where he may, so it’s not a good idea to push him early on about the relationship (if your Warden is looking for commitment / true love and not just some fun. Fun Zev has covered.) Given time, he will become very loyal and stick with the Warden as either friend or love, but he needs space to start out. Just don’t give him too much space or he may take you up on it and leave the group.

He likes to be flirted with and to be told he’s worthwhile. Avoid annoying him by being sympathetic to his past and don’t be sarcastic.

Some of the few places I know of where he will disapprove of your actions are killing the city elves toward the end of the game in the Alienage to give your Warden more health via Blood Magic, killing the Dalish to ally with the werewolves, and putting Cailan on a pyre in Return to Ostagar. I’m not exactly sure as to why that is, except perhaps as an elf he has less respect for human royalty? Either that or his script flags are garbled, but I have no idea on that one.

Note: If you want to just be friends with Zevran the easiest way of keeping in his good graces (no negative approval) is to avoid the obvious. Don’t ask him why he’s staring, don’t flirt with him, etc. The less obvious can be a little harder, and I’ve had him hit on uninterested Wardens in the past (netting negative approval.) When he hits on the Warden calling them handsome or beautiful, just act like he didn’t say it. Tell him he needs to make the best of his situation and you’ll avoid both triggering a romance as well as annoying him.

These may not be perfect because I didn’t go through them one by one for approval, but here’s the actual dialog choices I made. This is just one of the many ways you can get Zevran to warm up as either friend or romance partner. I did all of these as a female Warden but I think the male responses are identical or very close.

Once you get him back at camp, ask him if he’d “Care to answer some questions.”

+12 Approval
— Care to answer some questions?
– Why did you want to leave the Crows, exactly?
– But what would you rather do?
– That sounds awful.
– So what is it that you fancy, exactly? (Zev’s dialog differs depending on the sex of the Warden. Skip this line if you don’t want to romance him.)
– Not at all.
– I’m happy to have you along.

+6 Approval
– Do you actually enjoy being an assassin?
– No, you’re probably right. (I think you can also ask him if him if he’s ever killed an innocent and get the same result.)
– I know what you mean.
– Handsome elf like you? I can think of a few things.

Next time you click on him he will start the conversation.

+13 Approval
– Go ahead.
– Is this after I ravish you in celebration?
– I could always use a friend.
– I’d like that.

+23 Approval / Become his lover (he’ll accept by now. There’s numerous ways to go through this conversation, but this was my highest approval rate.)

– Care to join me in my tent?
– I just want to talk to you – in private.
– It wouldn’t be private if we talked about it out here.
– Fine, get in my tent. No more questions.
– I say it’s about damned time.

The cutscene rolls.

– You’re practically a public menace.
– Now we go on as before.
– That sounds fine by me.

Zev will eventually warm up to the Warden and essentially fall in love as long as you don’t push the issue with him. If you marry the Queen / King at the end, he’ll be happy to stay on the side with you if his approval is high enough and you’re in a romance. He’ll also stay on as a friend if you’re not in a romance and you make certain dialog choices at the end of the game in the epilogue.

If his approval is high enough, you won’t even need the persuasion skill when he comes to his confrontation with the Crows. This happens later in the game while you’re trekking around Denerim, around the time of the Landsmeet. If his approval is too low, he will leave your group at that crisis point and turn on the Warden. A medium level approval rate will have him run off, not fighting with you, but also not fighting against you. Depending on where his approval is you can either use persuasion to get him to stay around for treasure or you may be able to just ask him nicely to stay with you and he will.

If you don’t want to rush the romance, you can wait and he’ll eventually come to the Warden and initiate sex.

The one thing he won’t tolerate is the Warden being involved with Alistair if Alistair’s approval is too high. I’ve never checked with Leliana or Morrigan, but I’m assuming it’s the same. While Zev isn’t jealous, he basically doesn’t want to cause hurt feelings between the others in your group and will ask that you choose either the other person or him.

You can get into a 4-some or 3-some with Zevran with Isabela (the lady pirate at the Pearl.) There’s no cutscene for it, but some of the dialog is pretty humorous.

To do the 4-some you’ll need a Warden involved with Leliana (personality hardened. I’ll cover that in my next post of this series about Leliana.) Take Zev in your group and your Warden can get into the conversation with Isabela. You’ll need some persuasion to get her to take you up on the offer. I think it takes 3 blocks Persuasion, although you may only need 2. I’ve only done this once for curiosity sake, so I don’t remember exactly how much it took. I think my guy had 5 in it at the time.

Ask Isabela to teach you to be a Duelist then opt in for “isn’t there some other way for us to get to know each other?”

Go through the conversation and Leliana will join you. If Zev is in the group, he knows Isabela from the past and will want to join in the fun, too. Tell him yes to get Approval from him.

(Updated 10-15-10) For a 3-some you just have to Zevran in your party. Go through the same basic steps, just without Leliana. This didn’t trigger a romance with him unless I was in one.

Zev won’t join Alistair and a female Warden, presumably respecting Alistair’s preferences. Zev will have some lines and demure if the three of them go off to shake the ship rafters together.

Here is a list of Zev’s special gifts if you need it.

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