Change PC Warden’s Voice: Dragon Age Origins DA Toolset Tutorial

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A Voice Set is the group of phrases your Warden speaks while in play. For instance, the Violent Voice set may say: “Can I get you a ladder so you can get off my back?” when you point him or her to a chest. This is going to show you a simple way of changing the voice even after character creation using the your save game file.

The main problem I have is the voices sound fine during character creation. The lines they speak don’t ever seem to be what you end up hearing, however, and what sounds like a sultry mysterious sorceress on the character creation ends up more like the Wicked Witch of the Marsh when you get her into play.

Using this method you can also use any race or sex for your Warden. You can play a human and use a dwarf voice, an elf can sound like a human, a dwarf like an elf and so forth.

To change this is relatively simple.

Step 1:

Open a Save File

Note: If you’ve gotten too far into the game, your computer may not be able to open the save file. This varies depending on your Operating System and your computer itself, but it’s a flaw of the Toolset, as I understand it. Most will crash if you’re too far into the game and the save file is too large.

Your save files are usually going to be found here:
Documents and Settings
Name of your Folder
My Documents
Dragon Age

My character’s name is Keagan and we’re going to change her voice set from the Mystic Human Female which I selected to the Cocky Dwarf voice.

Tip: If you have trouble finding a save file, open up Dragon Age, start the character you want to change and press F5. This will make an autosave which is easy to find.


Step 2:



Step 3:





Step 4:

Use one of the codes listed below to change your voice by erasing the field then pasting in your new voice code. In my case, I changed her to the Cocky Female Dwarf voice.



Step 5:

Save your file.



Open Dragon Age back up and play – your voice should be changed.

If you want to check the voices in advance, you can create a new character and listen to them in either the small, stand alone program Character Creator or the game itself.

Here are the codes to change the voice:

Human Females
Wise: ss_pc_fhuman_wise
Cocky: ss_pc_fhuman_cocky
Experienced: ss_pc_fhuman_exp
Mystical: ss_pc_fhuman_mystic
Suave: ss_pc_fhuman_suave
Violent: ss_pc_fhuman_violent

Elf Females
Wise: ss_pc_felf_wise
Cocky: ss_pc_felf_cocky
Experienced: ss_pc_felf_exp
Mystical: ss_pc_felf_mystic
Suave: ss_pc_felf_suave
Violent: ss_pc_felf_violent

Dwarf Females
Wise: ss_pc_fdwarf_wise
Cocky: ss_pc_fdwarf_cocky
Experienced: ss_pc_fdwarf_exp
Smart: ss_pc_fdwarf_smart
Sultry: ss_pc_fdwarf_sultry
Violent: ss_pc_fdwarf_violent

Human Males
Wise: ss_pc_mhuman_wise
Cocky: ss_pc_mhuman_cocky
Experienced: ss_pc_mhuman_exp
Mystical: ss_pc_mhuman_mystic
Suave: ss_pc_mhuman_suave
Violent: ss_pc_mhuman_violent

Elf Males
Wise: ss_pc_melf_wise
Cocky: ss_pc_melf_cocky
Experienced: ss_pc_melf_exp
Mystical: ss_pc_melf_mystic
Suave: ss_pc_melf_suave
Violent: ss_pc_melf_violent

Dwarf Males
Wise: ss_pc_mdwarf_wise
Cocky: ss_pc_mdwarf_cocky
Experienced: ss_pc_mdwarf_exp
Smart: ss_pc_mdwarf_smart
Sultry: ss_pc_mdwarf_sultry
Violent: ss_pc_mdwarf_violent

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