Tutorial Dragon Age 2 – Change Companion Armor to Anything / Reskin it

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These instructions were made with Windows Vista 64bit so your screen may look slightly different if you’re using XP or Win7.

Original Tutorial from the Bioware Social Network and by Malcroix

What you must have:

The PC Version of Dragon Age Origins 2 (this doesn’t work on a PS3 or XboX)

The Mod to Equip Party Members I used version A-1 and not the most updated version. Unfortunately, that one doesn’t hide helmets, but the later version kept the characters in the appearance of their standard gear no matter what you put on them. For this tutorial to work, their appearance has to change.

There’s also a newer version of the mod: Diversified Followers. It’s more refined and current. This tutorial may not work with it, but if you can get it to work I’d go with this one because it’s updated.

pyGFF Editor

Helpful but not necessary:
The Black Emporium DLC

What this tutorial teaches you how to do:

Make whatever armor your companions are wearing look like something else. In this example, we’re going to replace the mage Champion set to Blood Dragon Armor on Anders.

Why would anyone want to know this?

Because you can swap armor you don’t like to look at for something you do. It will only change the look and it doesn’t touch the stats. This change will also allow you to put mage robes on non-mage characters, heavy armor on mages, and make them look basically like anything you want them to.

It’s for cosmetic reasons and fun. If this is useless to you, then plug in DA2 or Origins and rev your game back up. You can’t go wrong with that!


– Install the Equip Party Mod

– Download the pyGFF Editor

– First you need Hawke and Anders dressed how you want them to be. Hawke won’t matter, but Anders will need to be in something you plan to leave on him.

Note: this will not work on his standard companion armor that I’ve been able to do. This is my first modding experience in DA2, so I’m not going to say it’s impossible. It probably is possible, but I don’t know how to do it (yet.) If I figure it out, I’ll update this tutorial.

For my example, I put Anders in the Champion set. This is where Vaddi is helpful because you can use it to get any item in the game that you want.


I put Hawke in Blood Dragon Armor. This is where the Black Emporium is useful. My Hawke is a mage and normally wouldn’t have the Strength of Constitution to put on the Blood Dragon Armor. I used the Maker’s Sigh potion to change her stats and put the armor on her.

Note: You don’t have to have the Black Emporium. If you don’t, you’ll need to open another Hawke who can wear whatever you want to put on Anders (or whoever.)

– Remove all Anders’ rings, belt, and staff to help keep this simple.

– Remove Hawke’s rings, belt, amulet, and weapon(s).


– Quick Save your game. This will keep you from messing anything up if there’s an accident, and it’s also easy to find. F5 is the Quicksave default key. If you have to use a Hawke who isn’t in the game with whoever you’re altering (Anders here) then you’ll need to Quicksave for that game, too.

– Download the pyGFF editor if you haven’t already

– Open Editor (not editor.exe you’ll want the file which just says Editor.)

– Open your file(s) This one is for Hawke


You’ll have something which looks like this:


You want Savegame_PlayerChar


You want Savegame_PlayerChar again


Now go down to Savegame_Equipment_Items


Open up the 1. See where it says blood chest? This tells you that Hawke is wearing Blood Dragon Armor as the chest part of the armor. You can usually tell by the abbreviations what part of the armor is what if you think a minute.


– Click on the line just below 1, and you’ll see prm000im_blood_chest in the box below. Copy it by highlighting and a right click of your mouse.


– I suggest you paste this code onto a Notepad, Word doccument, Wordpad, or whatever your favorite storage program is. That way you won’t have to look it up again if you want to do this to another character someday.

– Do the same thing for lines 2 and 3. You’ll get these codes: prm000im_blood_boots and prm000im_blood_gloves. I didn’t change the helmet, thinking it would be hidden. It’s not on the images, but you’ll need to do the same for it if you want it to match.

– Close your trees by clicking the “-“ signs and make them “+” signs.

– If you’re using 2 different files, close your Hawke file and open your Anders file. If you have them together, as I did, then skip what I just said.

– Now go to Savegame_Partylist


Open Savegame_PartyPoolMembers


Click on the party member you want to change. In this case it’s 0 for Anders


Click on Savegame_EquipmentItems


– Click on the 1. Notice you see that abbreviation cht (chest) lgt (light) and champion. This tells you you’re looking at the Champion Mage set which goes on the body. Click on it and it will open a box at the bottom of the screen.

Note: When you look at this later it’s going to Say Blood Dragon Armor but it retains all the stats, including Item Bonus, for the Champion set (at least according to when you mouse over it.)


– Go to your Notepad (or wherever you stored your codes) and copy the chest part of the Blood Dragon Armor. prm000im_blood_chest in my example.

– Paste it in the box.


Click Save


Repeat for the gloves and boots on lines 2 and 3


Go to File at the top of the program.



When prompted, tell it that it’s okay to overwrite. Remember, if anything is wrong, this was just a quick save. You can always delete it without ruining your game.



You should now have Anders in the Blood Dragon Set


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